Ultimate Flexibility

No one can match Summary Systems' years of experience in automating the mobile workforce.

Summary Systems' modular Application Generator Architecture gives you the flexibility to direct, pick, choose, swap and upgrade.

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Summary Systems, Your Transportation Consultant

A Unique Approach to Deploying Handheld and Onboard
Computing Solutions.

Serving in a consulting role, our executive team works with you up front to define the scope of the project based on your specific business needs and current systems. Summary Systems' proven three-phase process ensures a smooth integration from start to finish.

Definition Phase

Needs Assessment -- It all starts with an initial consultation where Summary Systems executives meet with you to identify your handheld and/or OBC requirements and business objectives.

Specifications -- Working with you, we define a high-level set of specifications that defines the optimal system requirements and hardware configuration needed to accomplish your goals.

Proposal -- You will receive a proposal based on the high-level specifications and hardware configuration agreed upon.

Team Assignment -- Once we become your vendor of choice, we will assign a project manager and team of seasoned programmers dedicated to your project.

Planning Phase

Application Specifications -- The project manager works with you in an intense collaboration where you dictate how the system will be designed. Often this includes interaction with your IT and Security Groups to help define an architecture that integrates optimally with your current systems. We also provide a sample handheld or driver interface so you can test various features under consideration. The outcome will be a detailed and complete application specification, including:

  • Driver interface
  • Backend system interfaces
  • Database architecture
  • Security design
  • Content
  • Office system functionality and layout

Project Plan -- Once the detailed application specification is developed and agreed upon, your assigned Project Manager will provide a project and implementation plan.

Implementation Phase

System Customization -- Summary Systems' programming team, utilizing our modular Application Generator Architecture, will customize and complete your project based on the project plan.

Installation and Integration -- Summary Systems' team will work with your IT and Maintenance groups to provide the installation and training necessary to fully integrate our system with yours.

Our goal is for your maintenance and IT groups to be fully capable of supporting the hardware and software once the systems are deployed. In cases where these resources are not available, Summary Systems can fully handle these responsibilities for you.

Onsite Support -- Summary Systems will be onsite for a period of time during the go-live portion of the implementation to ensure the system is operating as expected.

Ongoing Support -- Once the system is fully implemented, Summary Systems is available anytime to support and/or provide additional customizations and upgrades to respond to business growth and technological advancements.

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