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Fleet Commander System -- system architecture provides a full range of features to automate performance tracking and safety compliance.

Fleet Commander System TM

Manage Fleet Performance with Remote Computing Power

Fleet Commander SystemTM addresses the dynamic business issues that universally relate to owning and operating truck fleets as well as managing drivers and delivery personnel. Fleet Commander System does more than collect and transmit data. Its remote processing capabilities give you the computing power to eliminate time-consuming paperwork, track and monitor driver productivity, and reduce operational and fuel costs.

System Overview
A complete wireless onboard computer system provides mobile data-entry for automating deliveries, pickups, driver records and much more. The power of global positioning satellite (GPS) systems gives you the data needed to manage your fleet's productivity. The Fleet Commander System takes GPS way beyond location tracking. Powerful onboard computers use GPS readings to capture and calculate valuable performance data, which allows you to increase the productivity of your delivery schedules, maintain vehicle performance and manage driver performance.

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Real-time Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communication
Real-time knowledge about the trucks in your fleet is the basic building block of successful fleet management. Fleet Commander System's powerful onboard computer is programmed to periodically read, process, store and wirelessly transmit information directly to your ERP system. It's portable, affordable and can operate with no driver entry.

Flexible Options
Flexibility is the key to successful ERP system integration. Fleet Commander System offers a variety of configurations, multiple wireless communications options and data-entry methods, giving the mobile workforce an array of choices and combinations for total fleet management, without dictating design. Our GPS satellite-enabled onboard computer plugs into a cigarette lighter or can be permanently mounted in the vehicle. You get a system that gives you the exact information you require.

Fleet Commander System Features

       Data Collection and Processing
  • Exact location of stops
  • Actual time per stop
  • Route taken
  • Travel times and distance
  • Overs, shorts and damaged
  • Delivery and pick-up information
  • Delays
       Component Options
  • Onboard computer
  • Global positioning satellite (GPS)
  • Various wide-area wireless devices
  • WiFi
  • BluetoothTM wireless communication
  • Handheld computer
  • Touch-screen interface
  • Mobile printers
  • Signature capture
  • Barcode scanning
       Safety and Compliance Automation
  • Drivers' daily DOT logs
  • Trip-recording
  • Fuel-tax reports
  • Vehicle-condition reports
  • Speed and engine RPM
  • Security-monitoring function
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