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Fuel Delivery SystemTM

Keep the Information and Fuel Flowing.

Summary Systems knows the fuel distribution industry. Our first customer was a gasoline hauler. Automating fuel delivery records, such as multi-rack and split loads, with machine-to-machine (M2M) data flow allows you to streamline the process and increase your bottom line.

Fuel Delivery System wirelessly connects home office ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems, such as dispatch, payroll, fuel tax and accounting, with onboard computers, providing a continuous flow of information to and from your driver. Delivery/rack information, delivery details, payroll data, DOT, stop times, new loads, changes and more are collected, processed and wirelessly exchanged with the appropriate ERP system at the home office.

System Overview
With GPS tracking, managers address performance issues such as out-of-route driving, excessive stopping and idling times, speeding to improve productivity and reducing fuel cost. Improve customer relationships by proactively responding to customers and alerting them to delays and dispatching "hot load" requests. When the home office receives an urgent call from a customer, the AVL system locates the nearest driver. Dispatch redirects the driver to the new stop and fuel is delivered quickly, reducing the customer's downtime.

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Fuel Delivery System Features

  • Easy-to-use touch screen
  • Import dispatch with load and delivery detail
  • Handle split loads (intentional and unintentional)
  • Top loads -- split and then added to
  • Splash blends
  • Multi-rack loads
  • Multiple BOLs for same product
  • Accessorial rack
  • Accessorial customer
  • Store-maintenance information
  • Ability to record supplier as well as rack ID
  • Stick readings
  • Cross-drop and no-hold calculations
  • Detention
  • Dispatch download forming the basis of driver data-entry
  • Delivery receipts
  • Special alerts to drivers regarding RFG and RVP
  • Confirmation of correct stops -- compares longitude/latitude in dispatch for rack or customer to actual and provides message if there is no match
  • Alerts for possible no-holds or cross-drops
  • Office reports showing turn times, rack and other delays
  • Enhanced security monitoring function
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