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Flexible to the Core

Summary Systems Allows You to Direct, Pick, Choose, Swap and Upgrade.

Summary Systems allows you to direct, pick, choose, swap and upgrade. It's an automated business world where utilizing technology to streamline mobile operations, increase productivity and manage customer relationships is critical to remaining profitable. Sophisticated distribution companies apply technology to their fleet operations, completing the last link in distribution-chain automation. The most valuable aspect of any automated system is its flexibility to conform to existing systems and easily adapt to technological advancements.

Fleet Commander System TM
Summary Systems' modular Application Generator Architecture is built on the foundation of its core product, Fleet Commander System. Utilizing wireless technology, this powerful fleet-management software ushers in a new era of productivity. Starting with features commonly needed throughout the distribution industry, seasoned programmers work with you to customize our software, addressing your specific needs. You get the cost benefits of modularity with custom-fit features.
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Industry-specific Solutions
Summary Systems constantly develops replicable industry-specific software solutions with each new project, such as fuel delivery, direct-store delivery, durable goods distribution and food service distribution. Our experience allows us to build your system based on proven programming, saving you time and money.

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