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Route Accounting Automation System -- improve customer relationships with better inventory management through instant access to customers' sales histories at the point of delivery.

Route Accounting Automation SystemTM (Direct-Store Delivery)

Account Information Always at Hand.

Enhance your field operations by giving route sales and delivery personnel access to customer history, enabling them to make effective decisions about which products to stock right at the shelf. The Route Accounting Automation System provides the handheld computing tools needed to track delivery and returns and maintain client order history, invoices and returns.

The Route Accounting Automation System (Direct-Store Delivery) system is a proven, full-featured, cost-justified, integrated software solution for automating transactions across your distribution chain. This application software is fully customizable to interface with your existing accounting system via land lines, office cradles or the latest wireless communications technologies. Options include DEX (in-store data exchange), barcode scanners, signature capture, BluetoothTM wireless communication and more.

System Overview
Customer sales and inventory data transmits wirelessly to the handheld, allowing the salesperson to keep more product on the shelf. Handheld barcode scanners capture dynamic inventory data, increasing quality control. The salesperson enters and processes ERP data and wirelessly transmits it back to the office. Invoicing and order entry entered in the field reduces manual paperwork for maximum cash control and shorter payment cycles.

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Route Accounting Automation System (Direct-Store Delivery) Features

  • Inventory management: fresh, stale and thrift
  • Order and sales activity by units/dollars
  • Seasonal sales history
  • Customer deliveries
  • Product movement management
  • Product order entry
  • Sales reporting
  • Commissions interface
  • Vehicle information
  • Pricing with multiple options
  • Invoicing with multiple options
  • Ordering with multiple options
  • Maintains complete database of salesperson's activities
  • Special sales and out-of-stock reports
  • Route history
  • Analyzes multiple distribution factors
  • Calculates account performance by product type
  • Provides sales information in units and dollars
       Other Key Features
  • Rugged handheld hardware
  • Flexible delivery platforms
  • M2M communication
  • Reconcile new product to order and packing lists
  • Transfer product between routes
  • Notes multiple distribution factors
  • Supports multiple ordering procedures
  • Delivers data on optional days for daily and nondaily accounts
  • Portable printers
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